That’s not really a word…is it?

Well, it is NOW!

Okay, but what does it MEAN?

We use it to describe active, non-traditional entertainment events that grow out of the combination of talented presenters and involved audiences, working and playing together to make satisfying, enriching, one of a kind experiences. In essence, “interactive” “activities”.

Our interactivities can be as simple as a colored-chalk-sketch-along in a downtown alleyway; a sing-along-dance-along in a shopping center grand court, a festive field-day in a playground or park, or a LEGO build-a-thon in an elementary school gym.

OR they can be as intricate as a seamless three-hundred-sixty-degree immersive experience that whisks participants to a fantasy world where everyone becomes an essential part in bringing a story to life.

Since “all the world’s a stage” we help make it possible for kids and grownups to be the players on it!

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