Imagine That!

     ‘Imagine That!’ is a  "just for fun" collection of original and traditional sing-along songs and share-along stories that encourages singing-and- playing-along both “from the seats” and “up on stage”. This is a touring show that can play wherever you gather an audience--from an intimate in-classroom "unplugged" sing-along, to a medium-sized program in a Library Community Room or School Gym, to a fully realized onstage version.

AND it can be customized to your event theme, just ask!

"to really understand how Janet and m'Arch work, stand near the stage and look back at the audience. The families' faces tell the whole story.

I've seen them perform on a grand stage, and on a sidewalk along a small street.                                                                       The venues change, but the happy results never do."

--Janita Gaulzetti, Marketing Communications Leader, BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan

     ‘Imagine That!’ is presented by Janet Marie--the personification of the “curious little kid”, the inner voice of the audience member saying “what is that?” “why is that?” “how do I do that?” she is excitable and innocent…asks good questions and helps come up with great answers; and mArchibald--usually the “straight man” of the team. He sometimes gets humorously exasperated with Janet Marie’s millions of questions and interesting world view…but he’s always energized and amused by her antics...and you will be too!

Among the Super Sing-Along Songs are our popular originals--I Love Broccoli, Down By the River, My Doggie Needs a Sweater, Mosquito Bite, Gonna Have a Good Time Now, and Four Little Sheep AND traditional favorites like They'll Be Hoppin' Round the Garden, and The Hokey Pokey! --all sweetly sung and adeptly acted by Janet Marie & m'Archibald...and YOU! 


       Check our calendar for performance dates near you. If there aren't any, please contact and let us know who and where we should contact about doing shows in your neighborhood! AND be sure to "LIKE" us on facebook so you'll get all our up-to-the-minute news!