Our Story

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, our founding directors Janet Marie & mArchibald McCarty did their first Musical-Story-Theatre show in the living room of some dear family friends. Soon they were performing that show (and many like it) in Detroit-area elementary schools, and the next thing they knew they'd added more cast members and new shows, and were singing and playing along with kids and their grownups in libraries, theaters, shopping centers and festivals all over the state of Michigan, Northern Ohio, and even as far from their home as Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Now, thousands of performances later, no matter what we do, that family element always shines through…and we’re proud of it! We LOVE to play with boys and girls, teachers and principals, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grammas and grampas, neighbors and friends!

What do we have planned for This Year? Take a gander at the list below, and check our calendar for a show near you. If you don't find one, give us a call with a recommendation for a venue in your neck of the woods!

      Touring Shows and Enriching Assemblies:

Boogah & Hoogah's House (mainstage-sized) and  Boo Who? (school and library sized)  available in October 

            Everybody's favorite Goofy Goblins, Boogah and Hoogah, perform this Silly-Spooky Sing-Along-Do-Along Halloween Party of a Show. Wear your best costume, tune up your voice, exercise your funny bone and be true to your Booooooo! Stay tuned for details about shows, locations, and times! (silly-spooky fun for Little Monsters and family audiences of all ages)

Imagine That! available year-round

            What do a chilly puppy, a hungry dinosaur, and four rather naughty sheep have in common? They're all onstage in this High-Energy, Musical-Story-Theatre show, artfully acted and skillfully sung by Janet Marie & m'Archibald AND members of our audience! This could be your chance to Get Into the Act--Imagine That! (Big Fun for Little People and family audiences of all ages)

Get Busy! available Summer 2017

           Building on this summer's reading theme Janet Marie and m'Archibald present sing-along songs and share-along stories that encourage young audiences to Dream Big Dreams, Plan and Prepare, and Work to make those Dreams come True! (for library, school, festival, and family audiences)

Good News!  

           Janet Marie & m'Archibald, with the assistance of Miz Geeza and Spokespuppet Sherman Ondamount present this Congregation-Participation Musical-Story-Theatre celebration that reinforces the messages of the Gospel with humor, reverence, song and story.  (Faith Formation for elementary school and family audiences of all ages)